HAMILTON, NJ, February 6, 2024 -- Fluent, the premier dental insights company delivering customized, actionable business intelligence to support a variety of dental stakeholder objectives, today announced that it has acquired Delegated DDS, an organization accredited by NCQA in Credentialing that provides technology-enabled services to both Dental Support Organizations (DSOs) and to dental insurance carriers. Both entities will operate independently.

Founded in 2020, Delegated DDS offers full-service credentialing, recredentialing, and ongoing quality monitoring of dental providers. The organization specializes in expedited provider credentialing through its tech-enabled services and direct delegation of credentialing agreements with dental insurance payers. Through Delegated DDS, dental insurance payers and DSOs gain the predictability of an experienced partner and proven workflow that reduces administrative burdens and significantly reduces credentialing wait times.

Sean Carroll, CEO of Fluent, stated, “We are thrilled to add Delegated DDS to Fluent’s suite of offerings, and are excited for the opportunity to better support both dental payers and providers through best-in-class credentialing services that complement our acquisition of Credentials Verification Organization (CVO), Dentistat, last year. We look forward to continuing to develop our suite of credentialing solutions to provide the best experience for our partners!”

“Fluent is an expert in optimizing processes, connecting industry stakeholders and delivering end-to-end scalable solutions for all dental industry stakeholders,” Delegated DDS founder and CEO, Patrick Connolly, stated. “We couldn’t be happier to be joining the Fluent family and are excited to be able to serve our customers in new and innovative ways.”

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About Delegated DDS

Delegated DDS provides Dental Support Organizations an opportunity to enjoy the benefits of delegated credentialing without the administrative heavy-lifting associated with policy and program development to support NCQA, CMS, State, and payer credentialing requirements. For dental insurance payers who desire efficient credentialing for DSO practitioners and for their members, Delegated DDS helps lessen in-house credentialing tasks without the increased costs typically associated with larger internal teams. For more information, please visit www.delegateddds.com.