Helping dental payers optimize, innovate and grow.

From utilization review/management and network development to benchmarking and member engagement, our suite of tools provides a true end-to-end solutions platform for payers looking to optimize and grow their business.

Utilization Review & Utilization Management

Professional Claim Review
Fluent’s highly acclaimed, efficient outsourced claim review has been the "gold standard" of claim review since 1996. Fluent’s utilization review procedures have been accredited by URAC since 2010.
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A technology-enabled clinical decision support tool combining workflow, analytics and A.I. in a single platform.
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Claim Review Management System
Powerful transactional workflow tool supporting clinical review
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Network Management

Network Development Module
Recruit, build and manage your ideal provider network with Fluent's web-based tool. With network strength and provider mapping tools, the NDM is the ultimate dental provider search engine.
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Highly refined credentialing process through Fluent's Dentistat service. Fully certified by The NCQA, Dentistat is a Credentials Verification Organization (CVO) that focuses solely on the dental industry to offer more robust solutions for building high-quality, cost-effective networks.
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Network Accuracy
Fluent's turnkey network accuracy service cleans, maintains and documents dental directory accuracy — so you don't have to.
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Member Engagement

Fluent’s objective dental quality and performance measurement for any member directory. Easy-to-understand star ratings and score cards to help members make informed oral care decisions.
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Member Wellness
All-in-one online center and digital learning tools via Fluent's go2dental service. The go2dental service can improve the value of any payer's dental product and increase member satisfaction.
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DentaVBR™ Analytics
Easily administer a dental value-based reimbursement program with Fluent's web-based administration portal and powerful analytics.
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Profiling Practice Patterns and Maintaining Program Integrity

Fluent’s bundle of fraud, waste & abuse management options scale to your needs. Protect the value of your members' benefits with data and insights you can use to manage outlier abuse.
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Utilization Management Module
Analyze and manage in-network provider utilization with Fluent's powerful web-based tool. Search providers, view provider report cards and identify providers in need of corrective education before costly problems arise.
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Utilization Management Optimization
Uncover efficiency opportunities in your dental utilization management program. Fluent's objective, data-driven deep dive into every aspect of your UM operations delivers an eye-opening actionable report.
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Benchmarking Pricing and Market Trend Analysis

Benchmark fee schedules by specialty, CDT and 3-digit ZIP. Understand where you stand compared to the market with Fluent’s reports comparing In- and Out-of-Network allowed amount and Usual & Customary (U&C) fees.
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Market Landscape Analysis
A powerful diagnostic exam of where you stand in the market.
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Trusted partnerships for long-term success

Fluent is committed to building lasting partnerships with our clients in the payer market. Our goal is to deliver value that exceeds expectations, from our comprehensive data analytics to our expert support team, we are here to optimize your dental benefits program and operations.