For Dental Payers:

A complete dental credentialing service for stronger PPO networks

Fluent's Dentistat service is a fully NCQA-certified Credentials Verification Organization (CVO) for all of your credentialing and recredentialing needs.

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As Fluent’s credentialing service, Dentistat has been supporting dental benefits administrators since 1968 with a best-in-class, network credentialing process designed to ensure thorough, efficient, reliable network development and retention support services.
Fluent in dental credentialing

A complete dental credentialing and recredentialing service begins with Dentistat from Fluent.

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Fully certified by The NCQA in credentialing, Dentistat is the only Credentials Verification Organization (CVO) that works with all dental plans and networks. We focus solely on the dental industry so we can offer more robust solutions for building high-quality, cost-effective networks. What you can expect:

  • Expertise. Unlike other Credentials Verification Organizations, Dentistat focuses only on the dental industry.
  • Quality Assurance. We re-credential networks every 3 years, keeping them stable and making sure that as many dentists as possible are able to remain in the network.
  • Quality Network. Only dentists with a proven history of responsible billing and bona fide professional credentials are accepted into our client's PPO network.
  • Timely Service. We provide fast, accurate turnaround and low-cost solutions, helping our clients to quickly build and maintain a strong network.

Our services

We provide our clients with the tools that they require to build high-quality and cost-effective networks.

Application processing

The first step in the application process. Credentials are reviewed and verified.

Credentialing and recredentialing

Data collection, outreach for missing information, primary source verification, committee review and client reporting

Online client interface

Access real-time information on your dentists. See the status of the providers file, verifications performed, the date of the verification, the person who performed the verification, attachments for sanctions, when attempts were made and more.

Patient grievances

As an independent third party, we work with the insurance network to resolve patient complaints of a clinical nature brought against network dentists.

Client support

We provide our clients with a web portal that they can use to check application status, handle complaints, and provide other support.

Utilization management

Our proprietary Provider Utilization Pattern program enables Dental Preferred Provider Organizations (PPO) to receive a discount from a dentist in return for access to members that want to visit a PPO dentist.

Full-service delegated credentialing

Fluent offers delegated credentialing services through its independently operating subsidiary, Delegated DDS. Delegated DDS offers full-service credentialing, recredentialing, and ongoing quality monitoring of dental providers. The organization specializes in expedited provider credentialing through its tech-enabled services and direct delegation of credentialing agreements with dental insurance payers.

Through Delegated DDS, dental insurance payers and DSOs gain the predictability of an experienced partner and proven workflow that reduces administrative burdens and significantly reduces credentialing wait times.

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