For Dental Payers:

Manage your dental value-based reimbursement program

For payers already running a dental value-based reimbursement program, Fluent makes it easier to administer with DentaVBR™ Analytics.

Payers with dental value-based reimbursement programs lead the market with their innovation and commitment to quality. DentaVBR™ program analytics from Fluent helps those payers more easily manage the resource-intensive nature of VBR programs.

Thinking about starting a value-based program? We can help there too.
Fluent in dental value-based reimbursement

Innovate and prioritize patient health outcomes with your value-based program — our data platform helps you make it possible.

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DentaVBR™ Analytics from Fluent

While many are on-board with value-based care initiatives, the truth is that scaling and ensuring adoption have been difficult. Programs are complex. Best-in-class tools for dental payers to track and manage program metrics have been lacking.

Fluent offers DentaVBR, a powerful feed of big data metrics meant to make administering value-based programs manageable. If you’re already running a value-based initiative in dental, DentaVBR analytics can be used to power a suite of program dashboards within our DentSource™ web-based portal. Or, payers can choose to bring data directly into their own business intelligence tools.

Working together, Fluent's sophisticated analytics and management tools can help payers deal with the challenges of administering a value-based program in dental.

DentaVBR analytics and administration tools for
value-based programs

Enhanced by Fluent’s best-in-class DentSource platform, dental payers are able to:

Easily manage an effective VBR program

Role-based administrator tools in the DentSource platform

Accurately measure and monitor key program metrics

Dynamic, real-time dashboards — or bring a data stream into your own enterprise tools

Measure progress against value-based goals

Powerful analytics for both payers and providers to understand the steps required for success

Customize to include your performance measures

Incentivize the behavior that matches your program objectives

Enhance provider partnerships

Tools to help the dentist understand payment accounting

Rest easy with industry-recognized security and privacy

SOC 2 Type II and HiTrust certified. Compliance with HIPAA privacy requirements

Thinking about starting a value-based program in dental?

For payers not yet administering a value-based program in dental, getting started can seem like a daunting process with many steps involved. You can count on Fluent to:

  • Guide you when determining what metrics to track
  • Advise you on provider compensation strategies
  • Consult with you on how to manage a program
Let our clinical and efficiency experts help you design and take your first steps on the road to launching a value-based reimbursement initiative.