For Dental Payers:

Help plan members make informed oral healthcare decisions with a digital wellness center

Go2Dental from Fluent helps you plug powerful member engagement tools and content into your website with minimal effort.

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Improve the value of your dental product and increase member satisfaction with a custom-built website that provides your members with the tools and information they need to manage their oral healthcare. Each digital wellness website integrates seamlessly into your existing website.
Fluent in dental digital wellness

Improve member experience and set yourself apart with employer groups in just 4-6 weeks with Go2Dental.

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With Go2Dental from Fluent, you can offer members features that allow them to find in-network dentists in their area, look up and compare costs of dental procedures, educate themselves on treatments through content and animations, and take risk assessments to help determine their oral health needs. Benefits include:

  • Member Experience. Our customized features are centered around the dental member’s experience. We help improve member satisfaction with relevant content and self-service tools.
  • Quick & Easy to Implement. We build a solution that works seamlessly with your current website in just 4 to 6 weeks.
  • Seamless Integration. The website is customized with your look and feel, including your logo, colors, headers and footer. We provide you with URLs to integrate into your website.
  • Accessible. Fluent’s digital wellness websites are mobile device friendly and available in Spanish.

What can you include in a digital wellness center?

Find a Dentist

Give members direct access to in-network dentists based on their location, specialties, and secondary languages.

Fee Look-Up

Cost transparency is evolving with healthcare. Your members can easily look up the estimated cost for a procedure, based on their location, to compare it to the fee their dentist is charging.

Ask a Dentist

With the Ask a Dentist tool, members can email a question to a licensed dentist and receive a response in 24 to 48 hours.

Risk Assessments

Our assessments allow members to determine risks for different health conditions such as cavities in children, adult tooth decay, periodontal disease and oral cancer.


Give members access to animations to help them to better understand common dental issues, surgeries, detection of dental issues, prevention practices, and more.

Robust Content

Fluent-built Go2Dental sites offer an enormous vault of curated content for members to access and learn about every aspect of oral healthcare. Increase website traffic by making your site a valuable resource for plan members.