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End-to-end, efficient utilization review optimization

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ProntoAI is a technology-enabled clinical decision support tool from Fluent combining workflow, analytics and A.I. in a single platform.

The state-of-the-art ProntoAI claim selection platform takes the rules-based, image-independent pattern recognition engine of Pronto® that has been trusted by Fluent's customers for years, and integrates it with the best of artificial intelligence image review technology. The result is the most effective “smart claim selection” solution available in the market.
Fluent in smart claim selection

Create and optimize additional utilization review capacity with A.I.

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As a pre-payment “smart claim selection” analytics engine, Pronto deploys hundreds of advanced proprietary algorithms and pattern recognition tools to scan the billions of procedure records in our unique multi-payer dental claims database, DentaBase®. This enables the Pronto engine to predict, in real time, which dental claims are most likely to result in a denial due to insufficient medical necessity or inappropriate billing practices.

We’ve added A.I. image analysis technology to the platform to further enhance the power of the Pronto engine to predict which claims should be immediately released for payment and which should be sent to a dental consultant for utilization review.

The benefits of deploying ProntoAI in your utilization review program are many:

  • Ensure that claim review resources are deployed only to those claims that represent the best opportunity for savings.
  • Reduce delays and backlogs associated with inefficient UR processes.
  • Efficiently manage the costs of running a utilization review program.
  • Increase provider satisfaction: claims from those providers whose practice patterns adhere to a statistically “normal” behavior pattern will not be selected for review, rewarding these compliant providers with fewer time-consuming reviews.
  • Help protect the value of member benefits and ensure program integrity by leveraging predictive analytics to spot outliers before payment

With ProntoAI, you gain:

State-of-the-art technology

A.I.-dental image analysis technology plus a highly refined algorithmic and rules-based pattern recognition engine work together in parallel to identify claims for review that no standalone A.I. engine can detect.

Real-time dental claim analysis

Receive alerts as to which claims are likely to result in a denial due to insufficient medical necessity or inappropriate billing practices.


Outlier abuse detection combined with A.I. image review for efficient optimization of a UR program — regardless of whether an image is submitted with a claim. Fluent's ProntoAI works with or without images.

Integrated workflow

Intuitive, time-saving ProntoAI user interface integrated into our proprietary, Claim Review Management System transactional workflow platform.

Security & compliance

Secure, HIPAA-compliant data management and work-flow platform that stores, tracks and reports the status of every claim under review.

Service & support

Best-in-class customer service and support to guide your organization to maintaining a successful utilization review program.