Optimize and enrich your data

By analyzing the most comprehensive, reliable data available, we can identify patterns and trends that help dental suppliers of all sizes make informed decisions about their business strategies.

As the #1 dental data optimization partner, we help our clients by providing valuable insights into dentist practicing behavior, create hyper-targeted sales and marketing strategies and take advantage of emerging opportunities.
The Single Source of Truth on All Active U.S. Dentists
Fluent helps you identify independent dentists and group practice members to discover growth opportunities. Enable precise team alignment. Cleanse, update and enrich your CRM data with our CRM Optimization Suite.
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Engage in Practice-Level Profiling
Prioritize engagement by utilizing metrics like Value as a Customer. Identify customer growth and cross-sell opportunities. Match content, message and offers to practice need (Personalized, 1:1 Marketing). Fluent’s targeting and segmentation insights open up a world of options.
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Identify the greatest areas for growth and maximize your returns. Grow Happy with Fluent as your trusted partner.

Fluent is committed to building lasting partnerships with our supplier clients. Our goal is to deliver value that exceeds expectations. Does it work? The innovative organizations below are just a few of our happy customers: